Calibration of 8" floppy drive?

Dan K 100dashsix at
Sat Feb 6 17:17:57 CST 2016

A lot of good information here, and I have a music store near me that
I might be able to find a suitable felt or wool pad from. If not
there, then perhaps at Home Depot or online.

Was it uncommon to use floppy disks formatted in other 8" drives in a
machine like this? When someone (very charitably!) gave me this
machine he also provided me with copies of the disks it came with,
presumably from drives that would be compatible.

Let's say that I had a machine with just blank floppy disks, however,
and nothing more than a system monitor ROM that lets me read/write
memory. How could I go from this zero state to running software from a
floppy? Is it easy to write arbitrary bytes to a floppy, so that I
could write a small shim program to read from serial and write to the
floppy? Then I could transfer the disk image over the wire, write it,
then read from it.


On 2/6/16, Chuck Guzis <cclist at> wrote:
> On 02/06/2016 10:18 AM, Fred Cisin wrote:
>> D'ya mean a tuba spit-valve pad?
> No, those are cork, not felt.  On brasswinds, felt's usually used as a
> cushioning device on piston valves, so things don't go "clank clank".
> Rotary valves employ cork or rubber for a similar use.  Pianos use a
> great deal of felt.
> You might even be able to round up a strip of felt from a laser printer
> fuser assembly--used to wipe the fuser drum.
> But see, for example, something from Ferree's:
> --Chuck

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