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On 2/6/16, Chris Halarewich <halarewich at> wrote:
> VMS Mosaic is supported on VAXes running OpenVMS 5.4-3 thru 7.3, on
> Alpha systems using OpenVMS V1.5 thru 8.2, and on IA64 systems running
> OpenVMS V8.1 thru 8.2-1.  Mosaic will work with UCX (TCP/IP Services),
> CMU, MultiNet, Pathway, TCPware or SOCKETSHR with NETLIB.  CMU TCP/IP
> is supported via LIBCMUII or SOCKETSHR.  The Mosaic has been compiled
> with VAX C, DEC C and GNU C (VAX version 2.7.1 only).  Versions 1.1
> thru 1.5 of DECwindows Motif are supported.  Both HP SSL and OpenSSL
> are supported for secure connections.
> On 2/6/16, Richard Loken <rlloken at> wrote:
>> Gentlemen, I stumbled across a reference to Mosaic 4.0 for VMS dated
>> 2006.
>> I ran Mosaic on my VMS workstation around 1994 and had abandoned it long
>> ago first for Netscape 3.0.3 and later for Seamonkey.
>> I did not know that there was any development on Mosaic in recent decades
>> I found Seamonkey to be glacially slow on AlphaServer 4100 "desktop" and
>> so I have not attempted to do much web browsing on VMS in recent years.
>> So...  Is Mosaic 4.0 useful in 2016?  Is it more useful than Seamonkey?
>> Netscape?  AFAIR, HP had a port of Firefox to IA64 VMS but not to Alpha,
>> has anybody been so burdened with spare time that they have attempted
>> to port firefox to Alpha or VAX VMS?  Or any other web browser?
>> I hope to attempt a port of the heritage version of nroff/troff to VMS
>> some time in the next couple years (I think groff would be much more
>> difficult).  But that is a differant subject.
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