The PDP11/04 has landed..

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> Yesterday I picked up the PDP11/04 that Jay mentioned a few days ago.
> Less than 15 miles from home  !
> The machine spend its early days as a processor in chemical analysis
> apparatus, and was subsequently bought by the employee using it.
> Before he could make use of it better, more powerful, easier to use
> machines came along and the -11 spend the next 30 years in a garage.
> The -04 is an entry level machine, and the cards inside match this :
>      M7263 KD11 CPU
> 2 x M7264 16K DRAM cards
>      M7856 DL11 SLU/RTC
>      M7846 RX01 controller
> 2 x M7814 DZ11-F
> and of course the M9301, M9302 and M9202.
> Alas it has just the simple 2-switch frontpanel.
> The machine also had the battery backup option, and the lead/acid batteries
> will celebrate their 40th birthday next year !
> Better not try to charge them....
> Overall the machine is in very good condition, both CPU and RX01, and it is
> packed in a very nice half-height rack with the red PDP11 bezel at the top.
> Pictures next week when the machine is cleaned and reassembled,
> restoration is to start next winter, after a house move which will nearly
> double working area for the hobby.
> Many thanks to Roland for preserving the machine, and to Jay for acting as an
> interface !

I have one of these on my restoration list. I know the PSU does not work, and that others have tried to fix it before me, who probably know PSUs much better than I do. It has core memory so I really would like to get his one fixed. I have never seen a PSU for it come available in the UK or Europe, so it looks like it won't be an easy job. :-(



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