The PDP11/04 has landed..

Mattis Lind mattislind at
Mon Feb 8 09:24:40 CST 2016

> Mine was a DEC MSV11 w/128Kbytes installed, solder filling the holes
> for the other half of the memory positions.  I did not have problems
> with traces lifting from that board (I was using an adjustable Weller
> soldering station and had fine control over the temperature).
> Installing the DIPs went fine but the first test was not successful -
> the new memory did not appear.  Quick inspection and a few bad solder
> joints found and reflowed, and two more cycles of that and I had my
> 256Mbytess.

Speaking of such modifications. Many, many years ago I modified a M8044 /
MSV11-D board. Removing all the 16 k chips. Replacing those with desoldered
64k chips. Burning a new address decoding PROM. One wire had to go on top
of the chips since the extra address pin used to be a supply pin of the 16k
chips. It worked after a few iterations. And it actually still works.

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