The PDP11/04 has landed..

tony duell ard at
Mon Feb 8 09:28:22 CST 2016

> > First week on the job in March 1980, my new boss brought me two pdp11/04s
> > and a box of memeory chips.  He to told me to double the memory in
> > the two computers by populating all the empty holes on the memory boards.
> I had a boss in 1987 that asked the same of me...

I heard that when Bristol University physics department got its first VAX (an 11/750,
somewhat before my time), it was cheaper to buy 256K memory boards full of 16K RAM
chips, clip them out, clean out the holes and solder in 64K RAMs rather than to buy 1MByte
boards full of 64K RAMs from DEC. And that is what they did....


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