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>> There is the software side to classic computing: Back in the early
>> days we wrote/coded in BASIC-TinyBASIC running in 2K(talk about
>> writing efficient code!); EASY and SmallFORTRAN. What apps/programs
>> are written in today I don’t know. They certainly can’t run in 2 or 4
>> K but is the outcome the same – make a computer or computer-like
>> machine do what we want it to.
> How about FORTH?  I've always been fond of it, even if it is a write-only
> language.  There's a version called SOL-11 that will run in 4kW on a
> PDP-11, but it requires the EIS - so much for running that on my PDP-11/20.

There's FIG-Forth for the PDP11.  That has a few EIS instructions in it but that would be quite easy to change.  


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