AIX 4.1-capable box

Benjamin Huntsman BHuntsman at
Mon Feb 8 12:02:56 CST 2016

Hi Paul!
   Thanks for the correction.  I don't know why I thought some of those had a PCI slot or two.  So nevermind the PCI part.  But I could still use a box that'll run 3.2.5 up through at least 4.1.5...



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On 2016-02-08 1:05 PM, Benjamin Huntsman wrote:
> Hi there!
>     Does anyone on here do much with RS/6000 boxes?  I'm looking for a 7009-C10, 7011-250, or (mostly) PCI-based 7012 system capable of running AIX 4.1.
>     By any chance, anyone have such a system that they'd be willing to sell?
>     Thanks much!!
> -Ben
All of the systems you listed are microchannel machines.  The first PCI
machines where 7020, 7043, and 7025-F40.  The 7020 run AIX 4.1.1 and the
7043-140, 240 and 7025-F40 require min 4.1.5  7043-150 requires 4.2.1.


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