MEM11 update

Noel Chiappa jnc at
Mon Feb 8 14:43:03 CST 2016

    > From: Guy Sotomayor

    > I also wanted to get folk's opinion on the need to actually produce an
    > S[P]C form factor board. ... is it OK to have the MEM11 be outside of
    > the 11/20 chassis and connect via BC11A (my replica) cables?

Well, that's going to up the cost; for some people, that might be an issue.

Also, I dunno if there are people out there with table-top 11/15's-20's (they
did exist BITD, I worked with a table-top one), but for them, an additional
box might be a hassle too.

    > That's assuming of course that the power requirements for the MEM11
    > can be fulfilled by a single SPC slot. ... in the worst case, it may
    > require splitting the MEM11 functionality across multiple boards.

I guess I don't see the harm in making it two SPC (quad) boards? A flat cable
or two to connect across (I dunno how extensive the interconnect requirements
between the halves would be, and I have forgotten what the inter-slot
interconnect capabilities of an SPC backplane are - ISTR that it has some
bussing on the F section pins) would be easy and cheap.


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