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> On 02/07/16 09:31, nico at wrote:
>> I really hate this damned machine
>> I wish that they would sell it
>> it never does quite what I want
>> but only what I tell it
> I'm still working on a "do-what-I-want" program. It's difficult to
> implement...
> But I already have a good idea of the layout of the GUI version:
> Just one big red button in the middle of the window with description "Do
> what I want".
> :-)
> regards,
> chris
I recall a version of Prolog that had a DWIM ('do what I mean') mode, which
applied some heuristics to minimize the impact of typos.  I'm not sure that
I like the idea of the machine second-guessing my logic - I usually leave
that to my Spousal Unit.  -- Ian

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