The PDP11/04 has landed..

tony duell ard at
Mon Feb 8 09:25:15 CST 2016

> I have one of these on my restoration list. I know the PSU does not work, and that others
> have tried to fix it before me, who probably know PSUs much better than I do. It has core
>  memory so I really would like to get his one fixed. I have never seen a PSU for it come
>  available in the UK or Europe, so it looks like it won't be an easy job. :-(

Which mounting box is it? (The 11/04 could certainly come in 5.25" and 10.5" versions, there
may have been several versions of each). The common 10.5" one, BA11-K IIRC, is a fairly
easy supply to work on, it's a big mains transformer and the DEC switching regulator bricks.
The common 5.25" one, with the H777 PSU, is a bit more nasty, the H777 is a normal-ish
SMPSU. I have worked on both.


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