Solid state recommendations

pdaguytom . pdaguytom at
Mon Feb 8 15:40:52 CST 2016

I'm pretty sure that the Sun Blade 100 uses IDE, one of the cheap IDE to CF
cards from ebay would likely work there. I've usually bought these in bulk
and have been less than picky (other than price☺) about these and have not
had any issues.
The SCSI to CF have always been a bit spendy for my taste, it was always
easier to find the next cheap used SCSI drive.


On Mon, Feb 8, 2016 at 9:35 AM, Bryan Everly <bryan at>

> Hi all
> I have the following gear in my stable:
> - Sun Blade 100
> - SGI O2
> - VAXstation 3100
> - AlphaStation 500
> - HP C3700
> I would like to start eliminating spinning SCSI drives from these
> boxes for noise, heat and capacity reasons. Could you kind folks
> recommend a solution?  I've seen SCSI to CF converters advertised but
> I didn't know if there was one kind over another that people have been
> successful with or if there is a totally different approach I should
> be considering.
> Thanks,
> Bryan

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