2.9.1 BSD on 11/34 + sc21-bm + fujitsu m2333k

Jacob Ritorto jacob.ritorto at gmail.com
Tue Feb 9 09:36:51 CST 2016

Thanks for the replies, fellows.   Just to (maybe) put this thread to bed
for a while and summarize: I didn't manage to get the m2333k disks to talk
to the sc21-BMG controller.  I think it had to do with an incompatible
number of bytes per sector - no matter how I set up the disk's sectoring,
the controller continued to generate errors.  Just too much coming in with
every read, it seemed, and it didn't matter how you sliced and diced it,
the logic's just not there to make these two talk nice.  I think an MSCP
SMD controller would take care of this as it's possible to configure
geometry in a more dynamic way.  I ended up spinning up my other Fuji160
(listed as supported in the sc21bm manual) and getting things going.
Miraculously, its surfaces were in such great shape that it actually passed
xxdp zrmlb0 (iirc).  Sadly its bearings are making noise, so I can't risk
keeping it on much.  I don't think there's a viable way to re-lubricate the
beast, but let me know if you think there is.

Also, correction of above:  note that 2.9.1BSD was *before* disklabels and
the drivers and kernel are compiled statically with disk layout information
hard-coded in.

Anyway, thanks again, all!  My 11/34 is actually working pretty well and I
now have a full 2.9BSD distribution loaded and functioning!   I've even
recompiled the kernel and replaced the generic one with something more slim
and tuned to my site needs.  Hoping to set up SL/IP next to try and get
some networking to the machine, but fearing that the 11/34 might just be
too darned small to run tcp at all.


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