IBM 3290 terminal

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Tue Feb 9 11:09:41 CST 2016

The controller Kevin has is a Memorex/Telex (well the firm that they became) so the 3174 DSL Microcode may not be appropriate. If I remember properly the Memorex/Telex units also wanted 3.5" diskettes...


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> The 3290 plasma panel? It's not for sale but I do have one - and more
> importantly the critical DSL diskette the 3174 needs in order for it to work. It's
> the only one I've ever seen' good luck; you'll need it!
> If you do get one and need the DSL code let me know and we'll work
> something out.
> Funny you should mention that; I just tried to fire it up for the first time in...
> at least 5 years I think - just last week. SMPSU issues; the PSU starts and
> immediately shuts down - whether or not there's a load on it. Dunno if it's
> crowbarring or what. Thing is in bits on the bench right now. I have no
> schematics so don't anticipate a quick fix. Also it's a 3rd party PSU IBM bought
> in - made in China IIRC.
> Mike
> On Tue, Feb 9, 2016 at 10:23 PM, Kevin Bowling
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> > I'm looking for an IBM 3290 to complement my z800 mainframe and third
> > party 3174-22L establishment controller.  I can't imagine these were
> > particularly rare, but am sure many of them have been destroyed in the
> > waning years since it takes special equipment/know how/desire to even
> > use.  Any leads on on for a reasonable price?
> >
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> > Kevin
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