11/73 into 11/03 chassis?

Jacob Ritorto jacob.ritorto at gmail.com
Tue Feb 9 12:36:24 CST 2016

On Tue, Feb 9, 2016 at 11:27 AM, Noel Chiappa <jnc at mercury.lcs.mit.edu>
> I'm not absolutely sure exactly what you have that's holding the '11/03
> backplane'; if it's a standard BA11-M enclosure, the answer, sadly, is
> 'no'.
> [...]
> If your '11/03 backplane' is a different kind of backplane, in some other
> kind
> of box (e.g. BA11-N or BA11-S), the answer, sadly, is still 'no', because
> they
> both also use terminal blocks for power. (Although if you have a BA11-S,
> you'd
> already be set, those are Q22 native.)
OK, now that I know what I'm looking for, my target options here are:

BA11-N and "OBA11-R" (an expansion box)

Backplanes currently in these chassis are:
H9273 and H9273-A

Power supplies are all H786.

> Really, it's not that hard to upgrade an H9270-A (or the H9273-A in a
> BA11-N)
> to Q22 (I have done several of the latter); the transplant you speak of
> (were
> it possible) is on the same order of magnitude of work.
>         Noel

So, since grafting in the Micro backplane would involve butcher work, I'm
now wholeheartedly convinced that I should be moving to your setup with the
BA11-N/S boxes, Noel.  And I'm sold on the Q-22 backplane conversion
(despite failing the first time I tried it years ago).  Going to study what
prints I have, review previous advice and go for it.

Thank you for all the tips and hand-holding!


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