Good memory board for Heath H-11?

Tue Feb 9 20:47:04 CST 2016

I have not opened up ours yet but I always assumed  they were all DEC  
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> All —
> I picked-up a Heath H-11 machine the  other day and it has a single 4kw 
memory board. From my prior experiences with  DEC (an 11/34a many years ago; 
now at the RI Computer Museum), I know my way  around the field guide…but I’
m having trouble trying to identify the correct  module number suitable for 
the LSI-11 CPU. Even though it’s a Heath machine, I  assume it’s module 
compatible with DEC. Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks!
> Rich

Maybe an M8044 MSV11-D (no parity) or  M8045 MSV11-E (parity) would be
most appropriate. They came in 4KW, 8KW,  16KW, and 32KW  flavors.

Fairly  common on eBay.

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