11/73 into 11/03 chassis?

Jacob Ritorto jacob.ritorto at gmail.com
Wed Feb 10 00:28:00 CST 2016

Yisssss.  ​I struggled for hours with inadequate eyesight, tools and
materials, but I think I got this mod done!

  My KDJ11-B is plugged into what was a stock H9273 (bc1, bd1, be1, bf1
chained straight down the backplane using four wires to be a H9276) and it
runs!  I've only plugged in one other board, the memory, and it shows up
(4088KB as opposed to 248 KB before the Q22 mod) and seems to work for the
locations I've fiddled with in ODT, but the machine's stuck in self-test at
error 47, Memory CSR error.

 It was stopping with this same error when I ran it as a "before" test in
the 18-bit backplane, so I'm guessing it's not just my mod causing the

  What I assume is the parity light on the third party "Clearpoint QRAM-2
SPB-1 88B" lights during self test.  I've found no documentation for this
sucker as yet..

  So unless my luck (and soldering) are terrible, I guess the years of
harsh storage may have broken something in the memory because it was fine
in 1999 before the power supply on the Micro failed.  Heck, maybe that
event burned something on the memory board, too.  I'll have to find my rl02
controller and build the system up some more so I can run xxdp and find out
what exactly died.  Maybe it's just a bad socketed RAM.

Tip in case someone didn't know: You can break out of the never ending
self-test sequence by pressing crtl-O 4 when confronted with the 1,2,3 menu
and move on to other parts of the ROM (I did this so I could temporarily
disable the tests and get on with booting xxdp).

Thanks again to everybody for the encouragement!  I freaking love these
machines and even this limited success feels fantastic.  Stoked.  You guys
are the best.


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