ben bfranchuk at
Wed Feb 10 00:41:42 CST 2016

On 2/9/2016 8:43 PM, Fred Cisin wrote:
>>>> Yes, its faceplate reads 'PDP-11', not 'PDP-11/20'.
>>> I am half sad.  My 11/20 faceplate reads 11/20 (I'm only half-sad
>> And I actually have *two* 11/20's. Both read "pdp11/20" on the faceplate.
> Q: Do they read
> PDP-11
> PDP-11/20
> pdp11/20
> 11/20
> If we're going to get picky about this, then let's not ignore case and
> punctuation.
> How many of those are actual existing variations, and how many are
> ignoring trivial stuff like punctuation and case?
> And just to complete the issue, what kind of font do they use?

I am more thinking after getting them to run, it is more like
PDP 11/20+ and PDP 11/20- .

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