VAXen and minimal memory (was Re: The PDP11/04 has landed..)

Huw Davies huw.davies at
Fri Feb 12 07:30:49 CST 2016

> On 12 Feb 2016, at 12:39, Jay West <jwest at> wrote:
> Guy wrote...
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> In late '86 I was running a VAX8500 with 2 RA81s 
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> Can't be true. There's no such thing as running RA81's *Grin*

My comments regarding RA81s run something like “we purchased two of the first RA81s in Australia but ran about 15 of the first 100 shipped”. My FS guy and I could replace an RA81 HDA in 15 minutes - we had lots of practice - I think we replaced 10 or 15 in six months :-(

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