pdp11/04 : the pics....

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On ftp.dreesen.ch/PDP11 you can find some pics on how the rescued PDP11/04 
fits right in next to its cousin, a PDP8/a
This 8a, BTW, has more memory (128K x 12)  and more oomph ( a FPP8A ) than 
the PDP11/04....


Impressive collection of great machines!
My apologies for not recognizing the "pride_of_collection". Tell about it.
I have been looking for years to grab a few of those "low racks" that
can hold 4 10.5" boxes. I have a few H960 racks (for 6 10.5" boxes),
but never found the "4 high" racks. They are called H950 ???

Very nice room!
- Henk

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