Diser/ETH Lilith - was Re: pdp11/04 : the pics....

Jos Dreesen jos.dreesen at bluewin.ch
Fri Feb 12 15:40:19 CST 2016

>> Diser/ETH Lilith modula 2 machine.
>> Boring exterior, very interesting inside & software wise.
> That is a real gem. I've only ever seen the chassis inside a glass case at ETH. Want to tell us more about yours? Does it run?

It used to run, until I broke it during VCFe in 2014......
They were sold for a token amount after the ETH decomissioned them, most have been trashed after they stoppped working

It will run again one day, just needs some serious time invested.
All documentation is there, I have the emulator as a reference, just lacking time.


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