IBM (Sony) PowerDisplay 20

Stefan Skoglund (lokal användare) stefan.skoglund at
Mon Feb 15 19:53:02 CST 2016

mån 2016-02-15 klockan 14:38 +0100 skrev Stefan Skoglund (lokal
> Howdy.
> I connected one of theese (i have two) to an PC last night.
> Blemishes:
> the text is blurry
> wrong color tones (a little bit red)
> so how much can i do with the display picture setting buttons ?
> I'm thinking about connecting one of them to a Sun 10 (but i do have a
> bunch of RS 6000 PPC machines.)

I found the user manual for it and read up on convergence settings.

I got a mostly good display (some work still to do concerning
pincushion) but the text got good.

Result: Windows 95 running in 1600x1280.

Do anyone have the service dito (and would be willing to share) ?

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