Couple of Xerox 6085 questions

Mike Ross tmfdmike at
Tue Feb 16 16:35:47 CST 2016

1. Anyone who has played with Xerox systems will have encountered the
dreaded 0937 code at boot time; it means "I have been configured for
network operations. I abjure the world and will wait until hell
freezes over before continuing the boot - unless I get the time from a
network time server!"

This is inconvenient and frustrating at times. Netware IPX/SPX is
basically Xerox XNS implemented pretty much unchanged; does anyone
happen to know if a Netware server can provide network time server
functions - and in a way that a Xerox workstation would grok?

2. I haven't powered up my 6085s in a long time - at least 5 years;
maybe 10 for some of them. The results have been most disappointing.
They won't even *start* POST - and/or they give a rolling screen with
no sync - and/or a blank screen - and/or they pass POST but won't boot
with an 0151 error. I've tracked these down in most cases to flaky IOB
boards. These boards hold the system PROMs. Anyone else seen similar
issues? Could it be bit rot in the PROMs? Is that a known thing with



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