Couple of Xerox 6085 questions

Josh Dersch derschjo at
Tue Feb 16 21:32:55 CST 2016

On 2/16/16 2:35 PM, Mike Ross wrote:
> 1. Anyone who has played with Xerox systems will have encountered the
> dreaded 0937 code at boot time; it means "I have been configured for
> network operations. I abjure the world and will wait until hell
> freezes over before continuing the boot - unless I get the time from a
> network time server!"
> This is inconvenient and frustrating at times. Netware IPX/SPX is
> basically Xerox XNS implemented pretty much unchanged; does anyone
> happen to know if a Netware server can provide network time server
> functions - and in a way that a Xerox workstation would grok?
> 2. I haven't powered up my 6085s in a long time - at least 5 years;
> maybe 10 for some of them. The results have been most disappointing.
> They won't even *start* POST - and/or they give a rolling screen with
> no sync - and/or a blank screen - and/or they pass POST but won't boot
> with an 0151 error. I've tracked these down in most cases to flaky IOB
> boards. These boards hold the system PROMs. Anyone else seen similar
> issues? Could it be bit rot in the PROMs? Is that a known thing with
> 6085s?
My experience (which is admittedly limited) is that removing socketed 
chips, cleaning with contact cleaner, and re-seating the chips can make 
a pretty big difference.  This includes the CLCC-style socketed chips.

I'd also make sure none of the backplane pins have gotten bent while 
swapping boards, just for good measure.

- Josh

> Thanks
> Mike

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