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jwsmobile jws at
Wed Feb 17 16:39:45 CST 2016

On 2/17/2016 1:32 PM, drlegendre . wrote:
> Maybe we can salvage this thread..
> If you +do+ happen to be interested in owning an SBC / digital computer
> trainer, there are still quite a few Heathkit ET-3400 up on eBay at the
> moment. Prices have come up a bit - though not much - from a year ago, when
> they were selling for ~$40.00 USD.
> Nice little units, and full documentation is freely available.
> Now a question..
> On the LabVolt SBC, there's a little keylock on the lower, left of the
> board. What's the purpose of the lock? Are there costly (RAM?) chips inside
> there, or...?
I've got the 68HC11 version of the ET-3800 just acquired for probably 
more than I should have.  Anyone have any software / experience with them?

There appears to be a big box on Ebay for sale (x a couple of units for 
sale separately) for this as well, or maybe it is for the 3400.

I'd be interested in what people have.  Mine came with the processor 
personality and the memory module only.


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