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I've got one too, but please don't contact me about it.  Seriously. I will
never tell you the super magic secret.  Forget I said that.

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> On 2/17/2016 1:32 PM, drlegendre . wrote:
>> Maybe we can salvage this thread..
>> If you +do+ happen to be interested in owning an SBC / digital computer
>> trainer, there are still quite a few Heathkit ET-3400 up on eBay at the
>> moment. Prices have come up a bit - though not much - from a year ago,
>> when
>> they were selling for ~$40.00 USD.
>> Nice little units, and full documentation is freely available.
>> Now a question..
>> On the LabVolt SBC, there's a little keylock on the lower, left of the
>> board. What's the purpose of the lock? Are there costly (RAM?) chips
>> inside
>> there, or...?
>> I've got the 68HC11 version of the ET-3800 just acquired for probably
> more than I should have.  Anyone have any software / experience with them?
> There appears to be a big box on Ebay for sale (x a couple of units for
> sale separately) for this as well, or maybe it is for the 3400.
> I'd be interested in what people have.  Mine came with the processor
> personality and the memory module only.
> thanks
> Jim

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