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Thu Feb 18 10:21:16 CST 2016

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Subject: DEC VT30-H info

Hello Henk,
thanks for the link.
It talk about two boards (one hex and one quad). In effect mine are hex
and quad.
But the hex board has three IDC connectors, while the quad only two.
My suspect is that the third connector could go to some other module.
Do you have the VT30-H system too?
Could we compare the boards?

About documentation: I can't find the Option Bulletin cited on the text.


I have that Option Bulletin. At the moment things are very busy,
but I can try to scan it next week. I no longer have access to the great
Océ 3165 (600 dpi 256 grey tones, scanning 55 A4 per minute), but
the scanner at work can do color at 330 dpi.
It's better than no scan at all ;)

I will take a few pictures this weekend. Just need to search the boards.
ISTR it is installed in a box, so I can also check the wiring.

- Henk

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