Vaxstation 3100 - I have console access

Peter Coghlan cctalk at
Thu Feb 18 12:37:28 CST 2016


> I confirmed that there is a NCR5380 chip on the daughterboard and that
> everything was connected.  Still no joy.  The one thing I'm wondering is
> this.  If you look at the attached picture below from
>, you will see there is a
> 40-ish pin EPROM (?) in the bottom row of chips third from the left.  Mine
> just has an empty socket there.  Is it possible this is causing the problem?
> [image: VS3100 SCSI/MFM controller]


I don't have any examples of that board - I have one VS3100 with a floppy but
it has the SCSI controller variant.

It seems plausable that the missing eprom could contain the firmware for the
disk controllers.

Maybe someone else has one of these boards and could check what's there?

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Peter Coghlan.

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