Anyone have DIBOL-11, CTS-300, or CTS-500?

Adrian Graham witchy at
Thu Feb 18 13:09:37 CST 2016

I definitely have CTS300 on RL02, I managed to take all our packs when the
company I worked for got rid of me in 2001. I also took a couple of boxes
full of TK50s and CONDISTs on CD. Pretty sure there's a DIBOL-11 tape in
there somewhere but it may be DIBOL-32. Got the manuals and reference cards

I also kept the RL02 drive, MicroVAX II I used to develop on and a PDP 11/73
with RLV12 controller.

Does it all still work though, press button A or B now!


On 16/02/2016 00:10, "Zane Healy" <healyzh at> wrote:

> Wow!  I¹m sad to say, good luck with this one.  I¹ve not seen any sign of it
> having survived.  As close as I can get is the binder I have for COS-310
> v8.01, but that is for the PDP-8.
> I¹ve always thought it would be interesting to check out DIBOL-11, so would be
> interested if you have any luck.  My fear is this is like DECnet for RT-11,
> impossible to find.  I hope I¹m wrong.
> Zane
>> On Feb 15, 2016, at 3:54 PM, Eric Smith <spacewar at> wrote:
>> Does anyone have the DIBOL-11 software, which was packaged for RT-11
>> as CTS-300, and for RSTS as CTS-500?
>> My immediate interest is for RT-11, though I have a DECdatasystem-570
>> that I believe was originally sold with CTS-500, so it would be really
>> nice to get that as well.
>> It would also be nice to get scans of related documentation, if anyone
>> has it, including:
>> AA-5519A-TC Introduction to CTS-300 and DIBOL
>> AA-5697E-TC CTS-300 Release Notes and Installation Guide
>> AA-5495A-TC CTS-300 Concepts and Facilities
>> AA-1760F-TC DIBOL-11 Language Reference Manual
>> AA-5972D-TC DECFORM User's Guide
>> AA-5025B-TC CDS-500 DIBOL User's Guide

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