Non-binding-breaking Book scanners (Was: Looking for PDP handbook

Fri Feb 19 17:40:46 CST 2016

well...  the  trick is to have book partially open not   cracked
and to have 2  cameras  for fast production copy and uniform  size on the   
size as  cameras  are  fixed
clear material flattens  pages
sure if  just a  page or  so   a   camera  even hand  held  works...
but if  you are humping pages all day long.....  you  need   this  thing!
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Why does  someone just take a photo with their camera
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> On Fri, 19 Feb 2016,  geneb wrote:
>> *sighs theatrically and shuffles off Fred's  lawn*
> well, if you had brought beer, . .  .

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