got it. RE: Looking for PDP handbook

Sat Feb 20 11:16:17 CST 2016

Rich and Jay this middle  book in this  url is the   one  we have here at  
museum  the  thin  one Jay is  sending you   we have never  owned. Is it 
uncommon  or??    Yes  by all means   photo/scan  the  thing!

the 11/40  series books   seem  to  be the   ones  we run into the most   
and I  should  round  them all up from the various buildings   and   keep 2   
sets and  blow the others  out  for people to set next to  their  
Ed#  _www.smecc.org_ (  
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jwest at writes:

Richard  wrote...
All -- I've been searching for an online version  of the LSI-11 Processor
Handbook from 1975 (which I think covers the 11/03)  but I can't seem to
locate it anywhere. 

Does anyone have a link to  it or, alternatively,  a real copy that maybe I
can  scan?

I probably have several hundred of those dec  handbooks, organized by year. 
just pulled the one you  want...

Richard  - it's yours for "the cost of a beer if we ever meet". All I ask is
that if  one isn't online anywhere, you make reasonable efforts at some 
to get  it scanned and available to the public.

Email me your shipping address  off-list.


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