Vaxstation 3100 - I have console access

Bryan Everly bryan at
Sat Feb 20 10:35:45 CST 2016


Thanks for the note. I think I might have a unique beast on my hands.
The controller board has a single SCSI connector and an MFM connector
for my floppy drive. There is an empty socket on the board (bottom row
third from left if you are standing above the machine with the front
facing you) and every other photo of any 3100 SCSI board shows a chip
with a sticker on it (EPROM?) in that socket.

The behavior I am seeing is that I do not see the floppy or the hard
drive (or for that matter the SCSI bus) when I execute test commands
from the serial console. This leads me to believe that the missing
chip has the firmware for the controller on it.

What do you think?


> On Feb 20, 2016, at 11:29 AM, Richard Loken <rlloken at> wrote:
> I have not been following this conversation but maybe I should have been.
> I have a complete VAXstation 3100 model 30 sitting within arm's reach.  It
> worked when I dumped it there five years ago: it has the VAXstation 3100
> desktop cabinet, an identical cabinet containing the SCSI drive, an RRD-40
> CDrom drive, and the monochrome monitor.
> I can open it up and provide you with information if you tell me what
> you are looking for.
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