Any PDP-7 Expertise?

SPC spedraja at
Sun Feb 21 04:56:16 CST 2016

Great news ! Having the Kernel I think that it wouldn't be difficult at all
to start up the stuff in a very basic mode.

Kind Regards
Sergio Pedraja

2016-02-21 4:54 GMT+01:00 Warren Toomey <wkt at>:

> Hi all. Some of you may know me as the guy who set up the Unix Heritage
> Society at We've been able to restore some of the old Unix
> systems to working order, including a PDP-11/20 version from 1972.
> I've just been given a scan of the assembly listing for PDP-7 Unix
> which includes the kernel and some user-mode programs. The scans are
> at
> as the files 0*.pdf.
> I have this crazy idea that this system could be resurrected to working
> order on SimH and/or on a real PDP-7. But I'd a) need to learn the PDP-7
> architecture, b) write an assembler, c) OCR the scan (manually) and
> d) spend a lot of time debugging something that has no user manual and
> may not even work!
> I thought I'd ask here if there is any PDP-7 expertise that I could lean
> on if I decided to actually proceed.
> Many thanks in advance for pointers, suggestions, help.
>         Warren
> P.S I've already found
> the PDP-7 Reference Manual f75ppdp7prelimumdec64.pdf and

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