VAX 11/730 quickie

tony duell ard at
Sun Feb 21 08:17:05 CST 2016

> I just double checked. 3 was open; 4 was closed. That's default 2400.


Just to confirm, this is the DIP switch near the middle of the board, not the 
one in one corner near the BERG plugs for the serial cables. The latter 
is involved with the handshake lines for the remote diagnostic port.

> Switch 8 was also closed; I have no idea of its function. All other
> switches were open.

No, the manuals are particularly bad on what these switches do. You can
deduce a bit from the printset, but without a listing of rhe console processor
firmare you can't be sure.

All closed is certainly wrong, the 8085 can't possibly run like that. 

Sounds like the 8085 is not doing the right things, I think you wlll
have to check if it's getting a clock, if the reset pin is not asserted,
and what it is doing to memory, etc.


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