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There is another option to all this.  You could use a modern 16 or 24 channel logic analyzer.  I have in my "bag" a Saleae logic16.  They have a new version called the pro that even does some scope like signal analysis.  

Anyway, it was invaluable working on my Scelbi when troubleshooting because it hooks right up to my MacBook and allows me to store entire runs of the system with gigabytes of capture.  I was tracking down a wonky step process where the CPU seemed to auto advance when jamming instructions in if I waited more than a few seconds between steps.   Having a long running capture with something quick to setup really helps.   It's also really cool to watch the entire Sol-20 boot up process into Solos.  

The other really useful thing about the Saleae logic stuff is size.  It has come in useful when I have to go somewhere other than my workbench to fix something because it's very portable.   It is very impractical for me to bring more than some hand tools, a hand held DSO, my Saleae, a hakko desoldering gun and a portable temp controlled soldering iron to some of the places I have had to do repairs on vintage tech. 


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> Like most others, the favorite is the one I use! So we are all biased by definition, and I have an HP 1670G. In general I’d go straight to Tek for vintage scopes and HP for vintage LAs, and be very somewhat leery about doing the opposite...  I chose it because it is small and portable, has a boatload of channels, the pattern generator, LCD color screen, integrated keyboard, and mine had the 2M deep memory option (important). And I collect HP instruments, so it fits right in. Rarer, more recent and expensive (but still very affordable) than the dirt cheap CRT based 16xx series - has a hard disk and the memory humph. I don’t use it often, but when I do it’s critical. It saved me on two projects so far, developing my HP 7970 tape HP–IB driver and repairing my Documation card reader (all documented on my YouTube videos if you want to get a feel for it). The one downside is the lack of a touchscreen, you need a mouse and a lot of clicking around. The 15000/16000 series is better for that but a much larger unit, it would be a step up though. If you want to save $ go in the other direction for the B&W 16xx series. At their current price points, any of them is an absolute steal compared to what they can do for you, and they are all perfectly usable. Good time to buy one.
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> Which is your favourite ?  Why you like it and would recommend it ? and  .... How often you use it  ?

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