Looking for a small fast VAX development machine

Holm Tiffe holm at freibergnet.de
Mon Feb 22 02:54:14 CST 2016

Jay West wrote:

> It was written...
> >Yes. Jerome he is right, he ist not intrrested in your great numbers 
> >since hi want to emulate not a PDP11, but a VAX.
> Actually, I found those numbers Jerome provided quite interesting. It wasn't
> me that asked about the speed of an emulator... but I'm sure the person
> asking got some datapoints. Thanks Jerome!

Jerome already published that numbers in the past, I remeber his 750Mhz CPU
emulating the PDP11..

Nevertheless, it has nothing todo with the question about a VAX for doing
databse development.
Besides of this, the 750Mhz CPU ist not that fast, you can almost emulate
in on an actual PC :-)
> I do have a Microvax 3100-40. I remember that I powered it up once when I
> got it, and it's been sitting on a shelf ever since (probably 10 years). I'm
> not familiar with those type of machines, is that fast enough to play around
> with?
> J

You can always play around with it, I've suggesting an older VMS for it
since those machines tend to be small and slow for VMS7.3. You can check
NetBSD too but I had some ugly problems with VS3100s in the past (M38,
M76). I do have a VS4000/90 to, that's a faster one and I've enjoyed DEC
Windows with it. Have an VAX4000/300 repaired too..

It's definitivly more fun to playa with real hardware, but for Software
development or testing I would suggest simh today.


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