PDP-11/20 vd one that just says pdp 11 what are the date differences?? OEM?

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On Mon,  Feb 22, 2016 at 07:07:35AM -0500, william degnan wrote:
> I  have an original 1969 PDP 11 brochure.  In it there are two PDP 11  
> configurations to choose from; the 10 and the 20.  For me  at least this
> throws into question the whole "...the 10 first came out  with the 5
> in1972..." story everyone repeats over and over, unless one  must have a
> "10" printed on the console in order to accept a computer  model's
> existence.  DEC must not have sold many original 10  models, and/or 
> who has a 10 does not realize that's what they  have.  But, facts are 
> and the brochure and price guide I  have is what it is.  Hoping some here
> will check for themselves  and consider it misleading at least to simply
> call the original PDP-11  a "pdp 11/20 without the nameplate".  In short,
> the original  bare-bones pdp11 was the pdp-11 10, the fully-equipped 
> was the  pdp-11 20.

I will definitely correct myself in the future. It would be  interresting 
to see if anyone has a "numberless" machine with the "M11-10"  
designation printed on the back, to see if any was actually delivered  
(and I wouldn't be surprised if there was

Well I owned  one  in 1980  that  just    said  only  PDP 11....   but  so  
long ago do not  remember the  label
when I  got a chance to swap  some   stuff    for the 11/20    for the 
museum I  jumped at it.

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