Looking for a small fast VAX development machine

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Mon Feb 22 11:07:41 CST 2016

> I suspect even what X11 calls pseudocolor ([...]) may not be
> supported these days.

Even X doesn't really support it these days.  I ran into an issue with
that and contacted an X Consortium person I knew from back in the day
when the X Consortium was a thing and was told that X.org (which is
apparently the keeper of the X flame now) doesn't really support what I
wanted; IIRC, not really anything but TrueColor/DirectColor.

Indeed, some years back, when I was working on smartphone development
(the phone never came to market, alas), it had an emulator - which
blindly assumed not only that it was on a TrueColor visual, but that
the RGB masks were exactly what it expected!  (The point is not that
client authors can be sloppy - that's always been true - but that
they've gotten away with such sloppiness.)

Sic transit gloria X11.

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