dec mid-sized cabinet (TU10/TM11)

Jay West jwest at
Mon Feb 22 12:50:44 CST 2016

Henk & Pontus wrote...
Was there a conclusion to the modelnumber of the rack itself. The tall ones
are H960. Are the shorter ones H965 ?
Some confusion I guess.

Looking here (document pages 8-5 and 8-6, which is file pages 380-381):

It lists the standard H960, and an optional shorter cabinet as the "H967".
However... I am not sure that the cabinet pictured as the H967 is what I
have (in the picture link below). What I have - there is that sloped top
front, AND it seems a fan was intended (and is) mounted to the bottom of the
back door. The H967 pictures in the manual above show no sloped top front,
and a big fan assembly on the floor of the rack.

But... in that same SCH'73 manual, it DOES show the rack I have in various
pictures (with no mention).

I have never heard/seen mention of a H965. Perhaps that's what I have. Or
perhaps the H967 is what I have, and there were just options to order with
or without sloped front plate or fan assembly? Also interesting, the cable
trays that fit in the cutout in the bottom of the rack - in mine they are
mesh. In the H960's I have seen, they were all solid sheet metal. Perhaps
that floor mounted fan was an option my racks didn't get... Dunno....


Below link included for reference...
> Picture at :

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