dec mid-sized cabinet (TU10/TM11)

Paul Anderson useddec at
Mon Feb 22 13:37:46 CST 2016

Hi Jay,

It's a H967. Dec did publish a cabinet and accessories catalog, but I don't
have one handy. It might be in various site prep guideline books also.

Maybe on bitsavers?

Thanks, Paul

On Mon, Feb 22, 2016 at 12:50 PM, Jay West <jwest at> wrote:

> Henk & Pontus wrote...
> ------------
> Was there a conclusion to the modelnumber of the rack itself. The tall ones
> are H960. Are the shorter ones H965 ?
> ------------
> Some confusion I guess.
> Looking here (document pages 8-5 and 8-6, which is file pages 380-381):
> dbook_1973.pdf
> It lists the standard H960, and an optional shorter cabinet as the "H967".
> However... I am not sure that the cabinet pictured as the H967 is what I
> have (in the picture link below). What I have - there is that sloped top
> front, AND it seems a fan was intended (and is) mounted to the bottom of
> the
> back door. The H967 pictures in the manual above show no sloped top front,
> and a big fan assembly on the floor of the rack.
> But... in that same SCH'73 manual, it DOES show the rack I have in various
> pictures (with no mention).
> I have never heard/seen mention of a H965. Perhaps that's what I have. Or
> perhaps the H967 is what I have, and there were just options to order with
> or without sloped front plate or fan assembly? Also interesting, the cable
> trays that fit in the cutout in the bottom of the rack - in mine they are
> mesh. In the H960's I have seen, they were all solid sheet metal. Perhaps
> that floor mounted fan was an option my racks didn't get... Dunno....
> J
> Below link included for reference...
> > Picture at :
> >

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