The AT&T 3B2 is still proprietary

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Here's  an interesting tid-bit.

I just got off the phone with the AT&T  corporate archives, where I had
hoped to find schematics and internals  documentation for the AT&T 3B2.
They do have it, but unfortunately they  will not give access to any
of it because they still consider the 3B2 to be  proprietary

I'm disappointed, obviously, but not all  that surprised. 25 years is
not a long time for a company like AT&T,  and I understand the 5ESS
system still runs a 3B20 emualtor. They may even  still have support
contracts for 3B2 installations, I'm not  sure.

Anyway, all that aside, will soon have access to a couple of  3B2/310s,
so I hope to continue reverse engineering the hardware  directly.

Seth  Morabito
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