Looking for a small fast VAX development machine

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Mon Feb 22 14:21:40 CST 2016

>>> I suspect even what X11 calls pseudocolor ([...]) may not be
>>> supported these days.  [in Web browsers]
>> Even X doesn't really support it these days.  [...]
> Huh?  Good to know [...]

Well, obviously, if it really matters to you you should look into it
yourself; what I wrote was based on wetware memory from years ago, and
could be inaccurate for any of many reasons, most of which I'm sure you
can imagine as well as I.

But, yes, consider it a warning to look into it before just assuming
that the support will (a) be there and (b) be non-bitrotted.  I trust
my memory enough to be fairly sure that _something_ of the sort
happened, even if I've got some details wrong.

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