VMS 5.5 and multinet 4.1 SMTP Question

william degnan billdegnan at gmail.com
Mon Feb 22 17:12:23 CST 2016

I have been working to get my MicroVAX 3100 communicating with TCPIP, and I
got pretty far but I ran into a little snag.   I don't have it on right
now, but anyone  wanted to connect for fun it's available from
microvax3100.vintagecomputer.net, just give me a few minutes to fire it up.

I can telnet in/out and I can send SMTP messages, but I cannot yet receive
them (reply to).  The issue is with the format of the email address.

I was wondering if I must send emails from my VMS 5.5 and multinet 4.1 as

To: SMTP%"bill at myemail.com"


Is there a way instead to send like this:

To: bill at myemail.com"

Question #2

I'd like to be able to send messages to my MicroVAX (reply to messages).
At present if I try to send a message to SYSTEM at microvax3100@
vintagecomputer.net I get a rejection from the POSTMASTER like this:

Bad address -- <SYSTEM>
Error --
    %MAIL-E-USERSPEC, invalid user specification ':'


I have been reading up and I have narrowed the issue down to the
differences between DEC mail format and "modern UNIX".  I don't believe
anything is being blocked.  I am sure if I sent an email from a VAX to my
VAX it would work just fine.  I am also guessing there is a translation
gateway that I need to set as part of the boot up process, and that this is
a DECnet issue, not a Multinet issue.   I was playing around with
*but I am unsure if that's the correct process, or how to store this so
it's permanently set.


Anyone have any tips?  I don't want to upgrade the system unless I have to.

If I find the answer on my own I will post it here.

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