Serial analyzers (was Re: VAX 11/730 quickie)

Jay West jwest at
Mon Feb 22 17:58:01 CST 2016

I've always eyed the 4952... being as my penchant is HP and much of my test
equipment is same-vintage HP gear (I'll give a vote for the 1631D logic
analyzer, combo LA and digital scope - the scope is sorta poor, but handy -
the LA is great for what I work on).

However, I spent a significant portion of my career in front of a serial
analyzer so I'm pretty familiar with them. As much as I really WANT the 4952
to be "it", it isn't - for me. Mainly because I have found that having a
unfolding or removable (or permanently in the usual spot) keyboard takes up
far too much bench space - or is unusable when standing the unit upright
(very often it was convenient to set the LA on the floor and on the models I
use - the keyboard and screen face straight up).

The ones I use these days are a Spectron D101 or D101X (I have them both).

The one I used for work projects - don't own - and may buy soon... is a
Spectron D2000 which for some reason is labeled in this auction as a
"Telenex AR Datascope 2000". See

Since either of these have a front panel that is "on the front" and doesn't
stick out at all... they seem to work better real-estate-wise sitting on the
bench facing towards me, or sitting on the ground on the end -
screen/keyboard facing up - so they are more accessible when working on a

Just my 2 millidollars worth...


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