dec mid-sized cabinet (TU10/TM11)

steven at steven at
Mon Feb 22 18:17:58 CST 2016

> Steven... thanks a ton! I think you've solved the mystery.
> What was in the documents you scanned is clearly my rack... so it's definitely an H967.
> But if you look at the handbook link I posted earlier, it ALSO lists an H967, which is clearly different than mine and the document you scanned (ie. Fan sits in center of cabinet pointed downward with a cowling, and the top of the rack is flat, not sloped).
> So it would appear that over time there were two very similar, but different racks - both designated H967.
> Thanks!
> J

No worries Jay, I think you're right about the H967 variations between the handbook and the sales catalog. Back then
they didn't put 'Subject to change without notice' on everything, it was a rapidly evolving industry and I guess
that sort of thing was just expected.

By the way the 1978 DEC Sales Catalog I scanned is a fabulous item, I snagged it off eBay last year. If I had been
stranded on a desert island and needed to mail order DEC gear back then, this is the doc I would want.
I'm slowly scanning the whole catalog (each page at 600 dpi) which I will turn into a PDF for everyone to have. I've
been at it for a while and I'm about halfway through.


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