Copying from a floppy to an SD card?

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Mon Feb 22 19:53:10 CST 2016

I do a fair amount of cross-C64 work, but all of it's on Linux.. here's
what I can tell you, much of which applies to MS/Win as well.

First you need a method of reading the original C-64 floppy into a .D64 (or
other supported) image. This requires +four+ basic things - a PC, a 1541
(or compatible) drive, a supporting software suite and one of the various
X-1541 cables. These days, with modern multi-tasking OSes, I'd suggest
using nothing but the XM-1541 cable design. These may be purchased, or,
with a little time & effort, built up by the DIY-er.

The XM-1541 cable connects the CBM 1541 drive to the parallel port on the
PC. The software suite (I highly suggest OpenCBM!) acts as a userland
driver / utility suite, allowing you to read, write, format etc. original
SS/SD disks on the 1541 drive. Once you have successfully read images of
the disk(s), then it's up to you how you handle them..

If you have one of the SD-based systems, simply copy over the image to the
SD and you're good! I don't use SD card, just original 1541 & floppies, so
wouldn't have much help for that end of the process. But I'm sure it's very
well documented by the vendor of the SD-card drive hardware - right? =)

On Mon, Feb 22, 2016 at 6:41 PM, Fred Cisin <cisin at> wrote:

> On Mon, 22 Feb 2016, Mike wrote:
>> Is there a way to copy a disk from a commodore floppy drive to a SD card
>> if so please enplane how it is done
> You need a machine that supports both formats.  Either add an SD card to a
> Commodore, or do appropriate special cabling and software to read the
> commodore disk on a PC.

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