DEC and DG equipment for sale/trade/whatever in Houston TX

David Williams nospam212-cctalk at
Mon Feb 22 19:59:19 CST 2016

Hi all,


Really hate to do this but been out of work for a while and need to clear
out a storage space to save some money. And I figure as much as I'd like
these machine working to play with, I'll never actually get to work with
them so offering them up for sale, trade for smaller more in line with my
other systems items, or if it gets down to it, just get it to a good home
though would be nice to get a little something out of it.


Have a PDP-11/34 in a rack with an RK05J drive though I suspect the drive
isn't any good now. The top of the drive is gone as I rescued this from a
scrapper who had started on the drive first. Several disk packs are included
but no idea what is on the disks as I didn't get to any point with it where
I could tell. I did test out the power supply and then bring up the system
itself and seem to run fine. The boards inside from what I recall are RK05
controller (M7254, M7255, M7256, M7257), memory (H-228B, H-222A (x2)),
memory parity (M7850), SLU & Realtime clock (M7856 (x2)), an M7814, console
interface (M7859), boot roms (M9301YF), and cpu (M8265, M8266).


Also have a DG Nova-3 but it is basic case without any boards inside at all.


Hope someone is interested and can pick them up as my only other option will
be to send it all back to the scrapper. Let me know if you need any more
info and I'll do what I can to get it. Not an expert on either system and
they are in the back of the storage space so it could take me some time to
pull them out to get any info off them.


Will have some other stuff to offer up as well as I clear out the space.



David Williams


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