dec mid-sized cabinet (TU10/TM11)

Paul Anderson useddec at
Mon Feb 22 23:11:56 CST 2016

The H950 was the rack only. If you add a few options, doors, sides, fans,
etc, Then it became the H960 cabinet.

The H967 is all 90 degree angles on the top front. the bezel is angled, and
came in several varieties, with or without switches, color, etc. There are
2 screws on each end of  it that hold it in place. As I remember they are a
pain in the rear to get to.

On Mon, Feb 22, 2016 at 5:42 PM, Jay West <jwest at> wrote:

> Steven... thanks a ton! I think you've solved the mystery.
> What was in the documents you scanned is clearly my rack... so it's
> definitely an H967.
> But if you look at the handbook link I posted earlier, it ALSO lists an
> H967, which is clearly different than mine and the document you scanned
> (ie. Fan sits in center of cabinet pointed downward with a cowling, and the
> top of the rack is flat, not sloped).
> So it would appear that over time there were two very similar, but
> different racks - both designated H967.
> Thanks!
> J

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