Minix 3 vs portability - was Re: Looking for a small fast VAX development machine

ben bfranchuk at
Tue Feb 23 12:57:39 CST 2016

On 2/22/2016 7:42 PM, Eric Christopherson wrote:
> On Mon, Feb 22, 2016, ben wrote:
>> Where are all to portable compilers and assemblers source code???
>> Oh wait you have to pay good money for them back then?.
>> OH now we can't be bothered to support the small machines,
>> sorry no source for that. My biggest gripe for Minux
>> other than the racoon mascot.
> Hey, we all know a raccoon makes a great mascot. Better than a penguin,
> daemon, or puffer fish :)

I like demons ... :)
That is why they go with big PDP 11's, you never know just what was sold 
to you.

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