PDP-11/20 vd one that just says pdp 11 what are the date differences?? OEM?

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Tue Feb 23 18:47:37 CST 2016

On Tue, Feb 23, 2016 at 7:28 PM, Michael Thompson <
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> The PDP-11 at the RICM says "dec pdp 11" on the system configuration paper
> label on the back, and "M11 15" and "4720" on the metal tag. Unfortunately
> it has an OEM front panel.
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> Michael Thompson

are  you sure its not H720 rather than 4720?  H720 would be the type of
power supply from an original 11.  M11 15 would seem like the OEM 11/20
after they abandoned the 11/10 model.  My hunch would be the date code is
late 1970 early 1971.
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