Offer: HP 1611A logic state analyser with option A80 for 8080 microprocessors

P Gebhardt p.gebhardt at
Wed Feb 24 03:18:18 CST 2016

Hello list,

I've had this HP logic state analyzer for many years now, but never found actual use for it and thus never used it. So I decided that a new home would be more suitable for it. The analyzer comes with the option to debug and analyze 8080 microporcessors. Probes are provided, but no manual. However, there is a small command overview on the front of the  keyboard. 

The system completes the selftest and I did let it run for two hours yesterday. No more tests done, but if anybody wants me to do a specific test, then I can do it, provided you explain to me what to do. 

Pictures are under

Make me an offer via private reply. Pick-up in Bonn (Germany) or international shipping possible. However, keep in mind that the system weights 13kg (29 lbs), so shipping is not going to be cheap.



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